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“Stay at Home Mothers: Rewriting the Script”

by Hilary Berger

  • The WLAM Career Academy was absolutely brilliant. Dr. Hillary Berger took a huge topic (re-starting or re-focusing your career) and broke it down into manageable modules. Dr. Berger is a gifted career counselor and I was blown away by the high quality and caring industry experts who led the modules. After completing the WLAM Career Academy, I feel I have the tools and confidence to embark on the next phase. Thank you Hilary!

    Kim,Wilton CT Fairfield County, CT
     Kim,Wilton CT
  • I came to Hilary for help when I was stuck at a crossroads in my life. Hilary gave me validation – of who I was, of what I had experienced, of my own unique challenges. This was exactly what I needed to set me free. Hilary’s compassionate intelligence gave me the strength and courage to start on the road to much needed change, and I will always be grateful to Hilary for helping me find my way.

    Susan, Weston
     Susan, Weston
  • One of the most important gifts I gave myself this year was permission to be completely lost and admit it - without guilt and shame. Then I allowed myself to be “rescued” little by little by Hilary and her methods, by the patient coaching from a talented group of professional women who teach the skills I needed to acquire, and by the new friendships I made with women brave enough to show up and be vulnerable along with me. Thank you to all of them. Who knew what was waiting for me?

    Susan, Wilton Weston CT
    Susan, Wilton

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