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“Stay at Home Mothers: Rewriting the Script”

by Hilary Berger

The Work Like a Mother® Method is Now Available for You as a Self-Guided Workbook

Announcing The Official 2022 Work Like a Mother® Workbook

Work Like a Mother®: Rewriting the Script for the Intersection of Motherhood & Careers
Unveil your authentic voice & reclaim your professional purpose and confidence with a step-by-step roadmap to reach your full potential while parenting and after kids leave home. Order your discounted ebook today for only $35.00.


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Introducing 2022 The Happiness Career Project Workbook

For Students, Graduates and Young Professionals


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The Work Like a Mother® Counseling Model for Stay-at-Home Mothers

Work Like a Mother®: Counseling Mothers Back to Careers: A Theory-Based Model Ackknowledging Motherhood as a Legitimate Aspect of a Woman’s Career Journey

Curious about how mothers are reclaiming their overall vitality and professional confidence? Download your free overview of the 8-step process to professional reinvention and optimal wellbeing for mothers


EY regular presentation

The Happiness Career Project for Students, Young Professionals and Career Changers of all Ages

Get Your Free Sneak Peek of the New Happiness Career Project Recently Presented at the 2022 NCDA Global Career Development Conference in the heart of disneyland – Here is a snapshot of your 8-step program teaching strategies for daily soulful introspection and career confidence and ultimately……..Happiness in life and work.


Happiness Handout


  • I heard about WLAM from a friend in town - she specifically touted Hilary as "the woman who totally helped me to get back to work." I've known for years that once my kids were a little older, I would want to find a job that was fulfilling, but flexible.

    After two sessions in the reinvention course for stay at home mothers, I knew I was in the right place! Hilary's course offers practical advice along with exercises to soul search and find your fit. With Hilary's encouragement, I continued to see my volunteer roles as a way to refresh my professional skills. I continued my course work in personal branding and social media understanding which helped my confidence. I was fortunate that some networking amongst the WLAM community along with another connection introduced to me to company I am now working with. I am truly grateful to Hilary and her colleagues at WLAM!

  • Hi Hilary, I credit you with helping me regain the confidence to go back to work and to do it in a way that works for me and my family. Your class and support were invaluable to me. I am constantly recommending you to other moms who could use helpful guidance to get back into work on their own terms. I would happily join your groups, but I have gone back to the United Nations, on my own terms, too).

  • The WLAM Career Academy was absolutely brilliant. Dr. Hillary Berger took a huge topic (re-starting or re-focusing your career) and broke it down into manageable modules. Dr. Berger is a gifted career counselor and I was blown away by the high quality and caring industry experts who led the modules. After completing the WLAM Career Academy, I feel I have the tools and confidence to embark on the next phase. Thank you Hilary!

    Kim Fairfield County, CT
  • One of the most important gifts I gave myself this year was permission to be completely lost and admit it - without guilt and shame. Then I allowed myself to be “rescued” little by little by Hilary and her methods, by the patient coaching from a talented group of professional women who teach the skills I needed to acquire, and by the new friendships I made with women brave enough to show up and be vulnerable along with me. Thank you to all of them. Who knew what was waiting for me?

    Susan Weston CT
  • I came to Hilary for help when I was stuck at a crossroads in my life. Hilary gave me validation – of who I was, of what I had experienced, of my own unique challenges. This was exactly what I needed to set me free. Hilary’s compassionate intelligence gave me the strength and courage to start on the road to much needed change, and I will always be grateful to Hilary for helping me find my way.


Work Like a Mother®Wins the 2021 ALVA C. COOPER Award

for Best Practices In Career Development

Thank you to all of the amazing women and supporters of the

Work Like a Mother® Community!


Work Like a Mother® is Awarded the 2021 MNYCCPOA Alva C. Cooper Award for Best Practices in Career Development for “Creativity and Innovation for the Work Like a Mother Career Development Model, “Connecting Education, Motherhood and Professional Purpose: Re-writing the Script for Counseling Women Across the Lifespan.” It is because of each of you and your incredible courage and willingness to share your stories, take risks and re-claim your authentic voice as you reimagined the journey of motherhood, professional vitality, and building meaningful life purpose while parenting. You are the sole reason Work Like a Mother® has been able to deliver and improve a revolutionary and proven women’s career development model and methodology which accurately reflects and mirrors women’s life roles, challenges and realities, and has been privileged to serve over 3000 women to date. THANK YOU!

Event Information and News:

See Hilary Beger Quoted in USA TODAY , March 25, 2019

More older women are returning to work, rebuilding savings and a professional identity

“Honored to be quoted in a USA Today article by Paul Davidson highlighting the growing trend of women over 50 tackling professional reinvention and thriving. Also great insights by Kathy Caprino and Susan Patnaik”.
Hilary Berger