• I just completed my first WLAM Career Academy with Hilary and I cannot say enough great things! She has developed a fantastic program which has helped me to move from a foggy-headed noodle brain (my words) back to a clear-spoken and motivated woman looking for my next professional challenge. The tools she uses are tools I can use forever, and they have helped me to identify which life path I will go down next. Absolutely wonderful. Thank you Hilary! We are all all very lucky to have worked with you.

    Hillary, Weston CT
  • The WLAM Career Academy was absolutely brilliant. Dr. Hillary Berger took a huge topic (re-starting or re-focusing your career) and broke it down into manageable modules. Dr. Berger is a gifted career counselor and I was blown away by the high quality and caring industry experts who led the modules. After completing the WLAM Career Academy, I feel I have the tools and confidence to embark on the next phase. Thank you Hilary!

    Kim, Wilton CT
  • Hilary's counseling expertise and uplifting personality combine to create a unique resource in helping women reconnect with their professional selves at all stages of their journey back into the working world. She inspires them, challenges them to learn new skills relevant to their target industry and to the ever-changing job search process, and supports them by offering them concrete resources to learn those skills. She has created a program where each participant uncovers a career focus that reflects her core values, and translates that into a structured, goal-oriented plan for progress. And most importantly, Hilary has created a community of accomplished women who support and inspire each other.

    Lesley, Wilton CT
  • I signed up for the Academy at a time when I was at a serious crossroads in my career and deciding whether to pursue a new career or try to bolster the nutrition business I had grown over the last few years. All of the classes Hilary offered through the Academy were exactly what I needed: a well rounded mix of classes that included everything from resume preparation to social media training. This included a rare chance to have experts in their fields teach us in simple, easy to understand ways. The best part though was the networking that occurred. I didn't realize that I would be with such a strong group of like minded women, all in different stages of career. Hilary has a true vision for women who are in career transition want and need.

    Heather, Fairfield CT
  • One of the most important gifts I gave myself this year was permission to be completely lost and admit it - without guilt and shame. Then I allowed myself to be “rescued” little by little by Hilary and her methods, by the patient coaching from a talented group of professional women who teach the skills I needed to acquire, and by the new friendships I made with women brave enough to show up and be vulnerable along with me. Thank you to all of them. Who knew what was waiting for me?”

    Susan, Wilton CT