Work Like a Mother views a mother’s career development as a fluid, adaptable and ever-changing path throughout the lifecycle. Moms have the power and responsibility to purposefully weave their own careers and life goals into the ongoing work of facilitaing their family’s goals and dreams. A Mom’s professional activities take on different shapes and forms, depending on which stage of parenting she is in.

Dr. Hilary S. Berger, Ed.D. is the founder of Work Like a Mother and is a Career Counselor and Board Certified Licensed Professional Mental Health Counselor who earned her Doctoral Degree from Columbia University’s Teachers College. With office locations in Fairfield County Connecticut, Dr. Berger has pioneered a solution oriented career counseling system designed
exclusively for educated mothers at home raising their families. She has counseled women in transition both in university settings and in private practice for over twenty years. She has been teaching psychology and career development courses as an adjunct professor at Norwalk Community College for 20 years, has authored numerous articles on the Career Implications for Stay at Home Moms, and conducts seminars for large and small audiences. Most importantly she is a mother herself who elected to leave her full- time career to stay at home with her four children, giving her first hand knowledge of her clients’ experiences.

Work Like A Mother is designed with an utmost respect and passion for Mothers to fulfill their own promise as individuals… and without waiting too long to get started.