Dr. Hilary’s Bio

HilaryDr. Hilary S. Berger, LPC. is the founder of Work Like a Mother®, the creator of an award-winning career counseling method integrating careers and motherhood, is a trauma-informed psychotherapist, trained in EMDR therapy, advanced REBT training, and is a passionate holistic Career Counselor. She proudly serves women across the lifespan specializing in counseling stay-at-home mothers, women working outside the home, college students, graduates, and career changers at all stages of their lives. She is the founder and CEO of a nationwide career counseling service for women, Work Like a Mother®. For over 25 years Hilary has passionately counseled mothers to reintegrate and rebuild their professional purpose, career competencies, and most importantly their confidence and mental health while raising children. Hilary has partnered with indeed.com, pioneered and successfully served over 3000 women through her solution-oriented comprehensive career counseling system designed exclusively through the unique lens of women’s life stages and the realities of mother’s lives. She has written articles on the Career Implications for Stay at Home Moms and runs career academies, career boot camps, and intensive career accelerator programs for large and small audiences of women across all stages of life and work. She has been privileged to present the Work Like a Mother® career development model at the global National Career Development Association annual conference and is honored to be interviewed by numerous media outlets to raise awareness about issues facing professional women who become mothers.. The Work LIke a Mother® counseling method was awarded the MNYCCPOA Alva Cooper Award for Best Practices in Career Development and Innovation in her field in 2021. She is honored to be presenting the Work Like a Mother® counseling method at this year’s Professional Development Institute at the Global NCDA Conference in June 2023. She is unapologetically dedicated to shaping a new narrative and intuitive wellness-based framework for young women to adopt a professional and lifestyle roadmap for their future where motherhood is acknowledged as a legitimate aspect of their career journey. In addition to her work with Work Like a Mother®, she is currently a clinician for Mella Health LLC and is a highly experienced college administrator, counselor, and adjunct instructor in psychology and career services at both private universities and public community colleges for over 20 years. She is proud to launch Work Like a Mother®, a self-guided workbook, now available.

About Work Like a Mother®

Work Like a Mother® fiercely supports women to always have access to their best selves, authentic voice, intellect, and professional viability while raising their children. Work Like a Mother® has pioneered an award-winning career development framework that reflects and validates the realities and psychological challenges intrinsic to women’s lives when navigating motherhood and their professional identity. This is a transformational and proven method for career plannng that acknowledges and integrates motherhood as a legitimate part of a woman’s career journey. We empower women to strategically embrace the interconnectedness of all of their life roles and to reimagine their career journey through the unique lens and truths of motherhood- which negates all traditional theory and strategy for building a career, historically based on men’s lives. No more fitting a square peg in a round hole. Through the Work Like a Mother® model, women may fully access their power, courage, and agency to realistically and purposefully weave confidence-building professional activities into their lives throughout every stage of parenting so that they may enjoy the psychological, intellectual and financial benefits of lifelong professional vitality and fulfillment without compromising parenting choices.