Work Like a Mother® Supports our clients in the following areas:

  • Individual Career Counseling – Remote and In-Person
  • Group Counseling – Remote and In-Person
  • Comprehensive Online Career Assessments
  • Fast Track to Re-Invention – Flagship Program
  • Career Academies – Job Search and Social Media
  • Resume Building, Linkedin Support, Digital Footprint
  • Corporate Seminars
  • Career Counseling for College Students, College Graduates, Young Professionals
  • Recovery from Job Loss

Stay at home moms may not successfully apply typical job search techniques to themselves because their professional selves are all but extinct. Women must rebuild their professional identities, and do not have to resort to being under-employed and under-fulfilled. Quick fix careers are often dead ends which end up perpetuating an unfulfilled self concept. This non-articulated crisis keeps women immobilized and suppressed. Sucess begins the moment a mother realizes that there is a systematic method for her to reclaim her own life and still be an excellent stay at home mom.

Work Like a Mother has been created for this very purpose.