About Dr. Hilary Berger, LPC.

HilaryI create a safe and inviting therapeutic environment offering personal & career counseling for women navigating expected and unexpected life transitions.I assist young professionals, working mothers, & stay-at-home mothers at every age & life stage, who are striving for improved vitality, personal wellbeing,& professional fulfillment while reducing immobilizing anxiety. Heal & recover your best self with a concrete, confidence-building, humanistic counseling model practicing self-compassion, self-acceptance, life mapping & cognitive restructuring skills to free your mind from paralyzing limiting beliefs, self-doubt, anxiety & fear.

I offer solution-based, humanistic, and cognitive-behavioral personal and career counseling through the unique lens of women’s lives, sacrifices, complex roles, and relationships. Whether a young professional, a mom working outside the home, a stay-at-home mom, or experiencing a divorce, you can access your best self & confidence to fulfill your potential.

You are not alone in your experience and deserve support and guidance with a therapuetic process, deeply introspective yet solution oriented and confidence building. You heal and grow when you are living to your potiential with successful strategies to navigate challenges. Learning to embrace and nourish your wellbeing enables all in your life to thrive too.